Our Founder

GLC-SBD is a property management and building construction company par excellence, one that I, as the company Managing Director, am incredibly proud to represent. Claiming over 40 years of industry-based experience, GLC-SBD is staffed by a team of consummate professionals, headed up by myself.

Having worked with some really big names myself, such as Nando’s, Burger & Lobster, Carluccio’s, and Bentley all number among them, as are hundreds of others, every single one of them equally important to us.

The best part of being able to name myself a member of such a company is the knowledge that not only me, but everyone that I work with here, is as committed to its success as I am. Every one of us is determined to deliver a customer experience beyond compare, so that together, we are able to ensure that our clients are never left with a single complaint.

Each one of us understands that your property is your investment, and that by its very nature, this means that you expect it to be profitable. This is something that we are keen to help you achieve, as we have done for countless other clients before.

Despite the dozens of success stories to our name, however, there is one thing that we have clung to throughout our time in business, and that is this: that the service we provide will always be a personal one – one that has been perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

If you’re looking for a name that you really can trust, I’m confident in saying that GLC-SBD is it. Why not get in touch with my team today to see how we could help you?

Best regards,